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9-4-13, Tyldwick Tarot

The new deck with old wisdom…. Advertisements

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When the cards say….

I just love it when the cards say “Duh Jenny”

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Tarot readers sometimes make mistakes

Originally posted on TAROT ETCETERA:
Tarot readers sometimes make mistakes. Are all tarot readers so convinced of their own infallibility that they would argue against this. Can they say with…

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Happy New Year! Today, an ideal card for the contemplation of life’s path. With great pride the farmer sows seeds in the spring, as he has done countless springs before. … Continue reading

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Friday Tarot Meditation

  Bid farewell to the things that do not serve you….the rough waters, wind and sorrow. Feel the golden glow of contentment like sun warmed earth at your back….

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I dream of…..squirrels?

I rarely remember my dreams.  This morning, I woke up with a vivid recollection and a start.  A childhood friend’s mother had guided me thru a reading in my dream … Continue reading

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What is Tarot?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this question. I need something substantial to say about my passion for tarot on the “about me” section of my blog.  I know … Continue reading

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How do you respond to vocal tarot critics? Ask Alec Satin!

    A great blog post by Alec.  As a reader living in the Bible belt…I can relate!  

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Blue Moon in August 2012 Bristol, TN~VA state line

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early morning, myrtle beach

This is a daily Morning-Midday-Evening spread that I like on mornings where time is not an issue. Hmm…. Looks like I have some blocked energies today. AM- 6 of Swords, reversed Makes … Continue reading

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